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Rules of the Galaxy

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Rules of the Galaxy

Post by The Queen on Sat May 09, 2015 6:07 pm

These are the rules for this Rp.

1) It's sci-fi, but still don't get too crazy, mmk?

2) Your characters are your characters, and no one else's. What this is really saying is that if anyone writes as your character and you didn't want them to, that's bad. If their character shoots at your character, and they get grazed, well that sucks. No killing each other's characters, you can only kill your own. People can set up the circumstance in which your character could die, but no one can out right say "And (so and so) shot (so and so) and killed them." No.

3) Let's keep it Pg-13.

4) This is an original Rp. So leave Chubaca out of it. (However if someone makes a reference like "It's a trap!" I have no problem with that. Hi. I am a nerd. References are fantastic.)

5) For now, no one should have more than two characters they are Rping as. If you want a new character, someone else needs to die. (Or be sent away for a really long time, but talk to me about that first if that's what is happening.)

6) No time travel. Not Yet.
Note: Rules are liable to change. Because. It happens.

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