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The Massive Timeline of Events

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The Massive Timeline of Events

Post by The Queen on Sun May 10, 2015 9:35 am

2026: Humans were faced with over-population of Earth and began to devise a way to travel space.
2038: A nuclear war occurred between the USA, Russia, China, Japan and Eastern Europe. Millions died. 63% of Earth was uninhabitable from the nuclear radiation. Most water was no longer drinkable.
2047: Peace Treaties were signed and the remaining nations came together to form the United International Space Corps (UISC).
2051: German Nuclear Scientist Dr. Aleida Blau discovered a way to use nuclear energy to power giant battery cores capable of powering space travel.
2052: Test ship Alpha was launched with the new space traveling technology. After breaching the atmosphere, Alpha exploded.
2058: Test ship Beta was launched with an upgraded version of the space traveling technology. Success.
2076: The first Space Exploration ship, Eda, left Earth with a small crew of twenty. After the first year, contact was lost.
2080: Scientists discovered artificial gravity synthesizers capable of keeping humans from deteriorating in space.
2084: The second Space Exploration ship, Nadia, left Earth with a small crew of twenty. After the first year, contact was lost.
2101: Scientists discovered the Long Contact System of Communication, enabling them to theoretically keep in contact with space ships using satellites and communication pods.
2109: The third Space Exploration ship, Afzal, left Earth with a crew of forty. They successfully kept in contact with Earth. They reached Alpha Centauri, and landed on it's one suspected planet, naming it Caldera, finding it uninhabitable at the time due to it's close distance to it's sun. The continued to survey Alpha Centauri.
2110: Scientists begin to experiment with Terraforming.
2120: Scientists test first method of Terraforming on Mars. Part-Success. Mars becomes a garden planet, but quickly evolves into a frozen tundra due to miscalculations. Scientists start over.
2131: Scientists test second method of Terraforming on Mars. Failure. Mars' surface is now unstable, and scientists start formulating a way to keep the planet from breaking apart.
2144: Scientists test third method of Terraforming on the Moon. Success. The Moon now has water and vegetation capable to sustaining human life. With the Moon's gravity still being a little less than humans are used to, special gravity generators are developed and the human race colonizes the Moon.
2150: Scientists start Terraforming Planet Caldera, however it still results in failure due to how close the planet is to the sun.
2155: Scientists develop a more efficient form of space travel, allowing ships to travel farther, faster.
2167: Space Exploration ship Candice X72 reaches a new, undiscovered Star System, and name it the Socunda 118 System. There they find the first inhabitable planet, Manitou, and colonize it. Two other planets in the system are Terraformed, only one being a success.
2200: In the last 33 years over 40 Star Systems capable of supporting human life are discovered, and colonized. Earth is nearly abandoned with only the poorest unable to leave.
2217: First contact with a foreign, alien species occurs in the Bedhi Star System, 200 light years away from Earth.
2220: Humans in the Bedhi Star System are wiped out by the alien species. Humans retaliate. A small war breaks out in the Bedhi Star System.
2232: A coalition of alien species attempts to make peace with the human race. Human Insurrectionists assassinate the alien diplomats and thus war continues.
2236: Over fifty human colonies have been wiped out by the First Galactic War.
2240: The Human Insurrectionists have grown in strength and numbers. They call themselves "The Legion", and take up Earth as their home base. The UISC turns it's attention to dealing with "The Legion" while trying to broker peace with the aliens. "The Legion" stops many of their attempts.
2245: Some aliens ally with the UISC in order to stop the Insurrectionists, which are causing massive damage to both human and alien forces.
2253: "The Legion" is wiped out. The UISC and the Alien Coalition sign peace treaties and help re-colonize their lost worlds.
2300: Humans and Aliens have worked together in peace to explore space and colonize worlds.
2305: Planet Marsell is colonized by humans and aliens.
2330: The Revenant of Purpose travels to Planet Marsell to investigate the distress signals.

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