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Planet Marsell

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Planet Marsell

Post by The Queen on Sun May 10, 2015 12:58 pm

Planet Marsell

Planet Statistics
Star System:
Distance from Earth:
Distance from (Whatever the center of Galactic trade/commerce/politics is):
Distance from closest star:

Planet Classification: Garden, Small,
Planet Density:
Planet Radius:

Colonized In:
Terraformed?: No
Colonized By: Humans and Aliens
Population: 10,000 approx.
Human Percentage:
Alien Percentage:

Native Goods:
Trade or Local Goods Dependent?: Local Goods Dependent

Military Presence?: No
Alien Military Presence?: Unknown
Splinter Group Presence?: Unknown

Geographical Information
Overall Climate:
Land Mass Percentage:
Water Surface Percentage:
Year Cycle:
Day/Night Cycle:

Overall Terrain:
Highest Mountain:
Widest/Longest Mountain Range:
Largest Ocean:
Longest River:
Lowest Point:

Native Elements:
Native Metals:
Native Animals:
Native Flora:

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